This Is Not My Photo...

This is not a photo I've taken. But this - THIS - is why I think photography is incredibly important. This is what I'd run into a burning building to save...

If I knew the photographer's name you'd better believe I'd credit him

This is a photo of my dad and I back when we lived in Central Australia. The 17th of December this year will mark 19 years since he died suddenly. Just like that - in one breath, in one phone call - I would never see my dad again. I was 9 at the time.

The (sad) truth is that memories fade. There's 19 other years of life jostling for space in my brain. I've forgotten a lot.

Key things are still there of course. Key, unshakeable things.

But bits and pieces have been carried off with the slow roll of time. Try as I might I just can't picture his face. It's kinda like a dream blurred around the edges lacking definition.

As dad was the chief family photographer we have a lot more pictures of us than we do of him. Oh don't get me wrong - we have pictures. Just maybe not quite so many as we wish there would be. That's what makes this photo extra special.

I love this picture. In it I can see parts of him in me and that beautiful twinkle he almost always had in his eyes. I love his smile and the fact that I'm there safely, happily in his arms. I love the love in this picture - mine for him and his for me.

This picture reminds me of it all. It lets me remember and prompts me to remember more. For all of that and so much more this photograph one of my most precious possessions.

This is why I love and am so passionate about photography. It's not just that I'm creative and love taking pictures (though I am and I do). It's that I get to capture those memories, those precious precious moments that are all too fleeting and will one day be sorely missed.

So I encourage you - while you're making memories with your friends and family snap a few photos along the way. Document your life. Get a friend to take some shots. Hire a professional. Do whatever you can (must) to make sure a few memories are preserved along the way.

And if any photographers out there are reading this I encourage you (myself included) to get in front of the lens once and a while. After all you are a part of your memories as well.

Me jumping into Dad's waiting arms...

Lastly, here's to the man who gave me so much. Love, understanding, wisdom and so much more. A man who gave me a love of photography I didn't realise I had until after he was gone. I think we would have had fun he and I. Talking f-stops, the latest lenses, all things life and photography and everything in-between. You are loved. You are remembered. You are very missed.

~ Tafline xx