School Formal | Highfields | Toowoomba

So who's the photographer who got woefully behind on her blogging?? ... Me that's who! So prepare yourselves for a bit of a blogging blast ... It's been busy around these parts!

Just over three weeks ago now I drove up to Highfields (just near Toowoomba) to photograph four young people off to celebrate the end of high school ... and oh man do these guys know how to formal!

The ladies looked absolutely stunning in their floor length formal gowns. The men just as dashing in their suits and ties ... And let's not forget rolling up in amazing vehicles to walk the red carpet with half the town watching on ... It was like a taste of Hollywood!

Even though it rained just a little nothing could dampen the joy and excitement of the night... It was a privilege to be asked to be a part of it.

~ Tafline xx

* Pictures are clickable and pinnable*

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