Jessica + Andrew | Married | Iririki Island Vanuatu | Slideshow

This was a super secret mission - The BEST kind of secret mission! Nobody knew what was going on except for Jess and Andrew (and a couple of people involved with the wedding a.k.a me). Their two gorgeous daughters weren't even let in on the secret until they were already on their way.

Jess brought her dress by herself, somehow managed to manhandle it through check-in, onto the plane, through customs then safely into her closet on Iririki Island - all without Andrew (or anyone else for that matter!) ever seeing it. That's an achievement right there if you ask me! It was well worth the effort though as I'm sure everyone would agree (especially Andrew) she made the most stunning bride.

Andrew donned a suit for the occasion. And though the tie proved slightly difficult to get right it was chosen to match perfectly with his two pretty in pink princesses. The girls looked adorable in their pink sparkly dresses - complete with sparkling shoes to match mum's - that were perfect for twirling. It was clear to see that Andrew and Jess adore their girls and that this is a family who love each other deeply.

Though the day was drizzly and overcast nothing could dampen the spirits of this wonderful couple. This was about them and about the lives, the love they have built together. It was beautiful and it was my honour to be able to document it.

Thank you Jess and Andrew for allowing me to photograph your special day. I wish you nothing but the best as you continue your lives together as man and wife!

~ Tafline xx