It's Been A Year...

Tomorrow marks a year since I boarded a plane and headed back to Papua New Guinea. A year since I first stepped into the house took my shoes off and didn't put them on til it was time for the plane ride home. It's been a year since I lay down underneath the mosquito net and let the sound of the rain beating against the tin roof be my lullaby. 

This was this first time I'd be back to Mougulu in well over 10 year and definitely the first time I'd been back as an adult. I saw things in a whole new light - I understood more, appreciated more & 'saw' more. Meeting people who I played with as little kids or who knew my family and it's history was a delight. Seeing all that my grandparents and a multitude of workers had done rather than just reading about it in a prayer letter gave me a whole new level of understanding. And don't even get my started about flying in a little light plane again ... seriously one of my favourite things in the entire world.

It's been a year and sometimes it feels like it's been more. Sometimes it feels like a whole lot less. But no matter how much time passes this trip - and the place - will always hold a special place in my heart. I'm forever grateful I got the opportunity to go back.

Because it's been a year I thought I'd share a few of my pictures from my trip. If you follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc you've probably seen some of these. But there are some I don't think I've ever shared before.

Thanks for stopping by :-)

~ Tafline xx


Slideshow of some images taken during trip to Papua New Guinea in 2012 by Tafline Hoey Photography

Images: Tafline Hoey Photography (

Music: "I'M GONNA GO" by Dan O'Connor ( ( ~ (

Music used with permission and many thanks!

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P.P.S. My auntie is currently fundraising for a sick little girl from a village nearby Mougulu. She's in need of various operations and on-going medical care. If you like to know more or offer any assistance please click here: Olita's Hope. Thank you!