In Your Element | Hook Family | Toowoomba Queens Park

On a recent trip up to Toowoomba to visit my fabulous cousin - and her equally fabulous family - we headed to Queens Park for a little photoshoot.

We got to the park just as the sun was beginning to sink into the horizon providing some of the most beautiful light I've ever seen. We ran, we wandered, we giggled, we explored, we (they!) threw leaves and so much more. All the while I was snapping the moments as I saw them.

This is what my 'In Your Element' sessions are all about. It's about kids being kids - running, jumping, giggling, playing or sitting quietly playing with their favourite toy. It's about parents relaxing - having fun with their kids and each other. It could be about hanging out in your workspace or me capturing you doing your favourite thing to do. It's about you just the way you are. It's just me following you around snapping photos as they come - documentary-style. With the occasional direction when I 'see' something that would look really spectacular.

All in all it was a pretty spectacular way to spend the afternoon if you ask me. Thank you to the delightful Hook family for allowing me to capture these moment. It was especially great to see Samara in front of the camera instead of behind it (Samara's a photographer too). We must do it again sometime soon!

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Tafline xx