Gagen Family | Brisbane | In Your Element

I've photographed most of this family before. Back when I had my first ever DSLR and I had just started taking an interest in photography. I was rocking a kit lens and letting the camera make all the decisions ... (let's call that my dark period shall we?) Needless to say when they asked me to take some family photos I jumped at the chance!

Photographing this family was an absolute pleasure! They are so much fun and I adore how much they love each other. There were giggles, there were tickles, there were jokes, there were some great Zoolander inspired facial expressions ... There may even have been some shock when I deliberately stepped into a fountain to get the shot I wanted (told you I do just about anything for a photo!)

But most of all there was a family who love each other and support each other through thick and thin. It was an absolute honour to photograph this amazing family and to spend time with such incredible people! Makes my job all the sweeter!

~ Tafline

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Being a model is hard work!... Just ask these two :-)

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