From The Archives | Fun With Film

There's something kinda magical about film ... don't you think?

I don't shoot it often - maybe a frame or two here or there. Nor do I shoot it solely - hats off to those who do. But when I do I remember how much I love it. Don't get me wrong I can't see myself ever giving up my digital beauties. Film's just got a different mood about it.  Eventually I'd love to have a little tab on my page devoted to just my film frames... But I need to collect a few more before I do.

Here's a sample from a roll of expired tmax (gifted from a friend), shot on a beautiful Bronica (borrowed from another friend - and regretfully returned. I need to get myself one of those beauties!), hand developed by yet another friend (seriously I have awesome friends!) and scanned by me at home with my little dinky flatbed scanner (where they lost some of their 'substance' for want of a better word). Click the image to view full screen.

Yep... Film sure is fun!

~ Tafline xx