I, very occasionally, document births.
It is an incredible privilege to be able to be present at one’s birth and it’s something I treat with great respect, care and discretion. I take great joy in being able to document births, and the moment when you are in awe, and amazed, by the tiny newborn you have just brought into the world.



I will visit you during pre-labour to document for 30 minutes to an hour, and once you are in “active labour” I stay until 1 -2 hours after the birth, capturing those first very first moments with you and your baby.

I remain on 24/7 on call two weeks before and two weeks after your due date, this can sometimes be adjusted closer to the end if advised by your midwife/OB.

Documenting your birth comes at an investment of $600.

This includes my time, at least 150 images (usually more), a 12" x 18" (if you wish) professional photographic print and a slideshow. Due to the intimate nature of the shoot any images (and the slideshow) posted online will be sent to you for approval before being made public.


Precious Moments

I come and photograph you guys getting to know your baby - maybe even meeting siblings, grandparents or friends - within the first 48 hours after birth for two hours or so.
I take a very 'fly-on-the-wall', documentary approach ... photographing whatever is happening naturally.

A Precious Moments session requires an investment of $350

This includes my time, at least 30 images (usually a whole lot more!) delivered digitally within 3 weeks and a 8" x 12" professional photographic print (if you wish)

I remain on call call 24/7 for two weeks before and after your due date.

If neither of these packages suit your needs please feel free to get in touch and I'll see what I can do to meet your needs.