Hi There! I'm Tafline 

Here's a few things you should know about me. I'm a legit coffee addict and a bit of a dreamer. I absolutely adore travelling and exploring this wonderful world we live in. I own a little puppy dog - I think he's pretty much the best thing ever! I've been known to stay up til 2am watching ridiculous YouTube videos or getting myself lost in a good book. I love taking instant photos. Going to live music gigs makes me happy. I can cook up a storm (and a bit of a mess if I'm honest) in the kitchen. I'm a bit of a technology nerd who can happily spend hours researching the latest and greatest. I'm willing to do (what might be considered) strange things for the sake of a good photo.

I love my family to the moon and back (even though some of them don't like to be seen on the interwebs). If my house were on fire I'd run into the flames to save a photo that means the absolute world to me.

Something else you should know is I had a very near death experience as a baby - it's a pretty cool story. Ask me about it sometime if you like. As a result I have a minor form of cerebral palsy (CP). But hey, I talk, walk, drive a car and - more importantly - lug my camera kit around no worries!  Rather than my CP being a disadvantage I feel it gives me a real edge and allows me to see and appreciate the little, often unnoticed things that make this life truly beautiful. I quite literally am working with a second chance at life and I intend to make the absolute most of it!

I am blessed to have the opportunity and ability to do something I love as my job. How awesome is that?!? This is how I see it: photography allows me to capture the wonder of everything around me and to show people the phenomenal beauty I see.

I'm based in Brisbane but I'm more than happy to travel! 

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